TTSI is proud to announce President Vic La Rosa is a California Air Quality Award Honoree. Vic's commitment to environmental sustainability has always been a top priority, and he's set the ambitious goal of converting the entire fleet to zero or near zero-emission vehicles by 2020. This is a sharp contrast to the 97% of heavy-duty trucks on the road being diesel or gasoline. We're already well on our way.

"We’re going to clean up the trucks that use the ports, rail yards, and warehouses, and Vic is the guy who’s making that happen."
-  Joe Lyou, President & CEO, Coalition for Clean Air

Learn more about the Coalition for Clean Air, by reading the full article at - the coalition for clean air website. The whole TTSI leadership joined Vic to celebrate at the awards ceremony in the gallery below.

Government Agencies recognized TTSI for its high standards of Excellence, Outstanding Achievements, and Unwavering Commitment and Dedication to restoring clean air to California.