Celebrating Women in the Industry at TTSI

We have a terrific team here at the Total Transportation Services (TTSI) Family of Companies and the best women in the industry working with us. In celebration of Women's History Month, we'd like to focus on their stellar contributions!

We kick off the month with...

Margaret Sonnen
Regional Manager for Tri Pak

Margaret has been working in the industry since 1992, and originally owned Tri Pak before becoming a part of the TTSI family.

Tri Pak started with five employees, 1 location, and $100,000 in revenue. Margaret has grown it to 45 employees, 5 locations, and $8 million in revenue - and growing!

Margaret discusses women in the transportation industry:

I am proud to be a part of the transportation industry as a woman. You would think that it's unique to be a woman in this industry, however, I have been lucky to be mentored and work with many amazing women.

My first mentor was Gerri Sanders, President of Tri Pak, Inc., in the late 80's early 90's. She taught me the importance of customer service and profit and loss reports!

Amber Weber is our warehouse manager, Chelsey Boyd is our brokerage manager, and we have women truck drivers. We also have several women running A/R, A/P, HR, and accounting. Dawn Chaussee is our accounting specialist, and she's been with us for close to 15 years!

Once Tri Pak became part of the TTSI family, there have been many great women to collaborate with. Undine Swartz, Pam Reinhold, Sarah Eakins, Kelly Lewis, Lisa Monaco, Sheri Hertel and many others!

- Margaret Sonnen, Regional Manager Tri Pak

Tri Pak is TTSI's transloading, warehousing, and logistics specialists in the Pacific Northwest.

Undine Schwarz - Controller at TTSI

Undine Schwarz, MBA, MS
Controller at TTSI Headquarters

Undine has worked within the transportation industry for over eleven years, nine with TTSI, and helped grow the corporate accounting group through 5 acquisitions in 2 years. She's another example of the exceptional women working at TTSI Family.

Stay tuned for more in our Women's History Month series, focusing on the great team of women working for the TTSI Family.

Lisa Monaco - Accounts Receivable Lead

Lisa Monaco
Accounts Receivable Lead TTSI Corporate 

Lisa began at TTSI 13 years as a temp and is now the accounts receivable lead for all divisions. She has done it ALL in the transportation industry – CSR, Dispatch, billing, driver pay, heavyweight permitting, transloading, and warehouse inventory. She has accomplished it with a fantastic attitude, a great sense of humor, and a deep appreciation for the drivers.

“I have the highest respect for drivers and know that without them, none of this happens for any of us!” says Lisa.

Robin Gradillas - TTSI Corporate Regional Field Recruiter

Robin Gradillas
TTSI Corprate’s Regional Field Recruiter

Robin specializes in company/driver relationships and who drivers talk to when they call into recruiting! She drove heavy-duty trucks and over the road for eight years before coming to the logistics side of transportation. This experience is the foundation of her driver’s first philosophy to recruiting.

Robin’s all-hands-on-deck approach makes her a great asset to recruiting. She’s excited to be part of the fast company growth and is eager to see what the future holds for TTSI!

Kelly Lewis
Kelly Lewis - Director of Operations and Change Management

Kelly Lewis
Director of Operations and Change Management

Kelly has worked in the transportation industry for over 38 years and has been with the company since the beginning. She has a genuine passion for the organization and its people, a great attitude, and is terrific to work with.

Kelly has cross-functional experience and a great depth of knowledge, skills, and expertise in all areas of operations, including Truckload, LTL, and drayage. She makes consistent and significant business impacts from her beginnings in billing and customer service to dispatch, technology, and operations. She is a valuable member of the TTSI family.

Kelly's current role in Change Management is to ensure technology integration systems are implemented and work together to meet our Customer's needs. She successfully trains users to use new technologies and is a critical member of TTSI's acquisitions team.

Rosie Gomez - Director of Human Resources

Rosie Gomez
Director of Human Resources

Drawing from over 27 years of HR management, Rosie is a business-minded leader, a trusted advisor to executives, and accomplished in driving organizational effectiveness and leading change. She specializes in collaborative and consensus-driven styles to build a shared vision. She has a natural talent for engaging individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and all levels of organizational structure.

“Your role as a leader is to bring out the best in others, even when they know more than you.” 

A high-energy and hands-on team leader, she brings insight, creative problem-solving, and passion for people to the team with contagiously positive energy and a can-do attitude toward all endeavors. 

“A leader never stops learning.”

Rochelle Mann - Director of Operations for West Group Logistics

Rochelle Mann
Director of Operations for West Group Logistics.

She has over 29 years of industry experience providing customers with excellence in service, quality, and performance and overseeing day-to-day operations.

Beginning as an office manager, Rochelle was an important asset in the startup of TTSI’s Stockton Division, quickly working her way to the role of Operations Manager. Rochelle now oversees both divisions of West Group Logistics.

Rochelle and her husband Scott live in Stockton with their two children. Rochelle actively supports local figure skaters and volunteers her spare time by arranging events, fundraising, and making costumes.

Sherry Hertel - VP of Intermodal Sales
Sherry Hertel - VP of Intermodal Sales

Sherry Hertel
Vice President of Intermodal Sales

Sherry's in-depth industry knowledge spans ship, drayage, intermodal, and truckload transportation from international to local.

Sherry uses her 20 years of industry experience to maximize productivity and increase economic and cost-saving measures. She ensures data and visibility exchange by providing sustainability needs and requirements and valuable mandates and priorities for retailers within their logistics and supply chain processes.

She has been an instrumental partner of the Los Angeles Ports complex and the South Coast Air Quality Management District in implementing LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) heavy-duty truck fleets.

She holds a Global Logistics Specialist Professional Designation from CSULB that she acquired shortly after making the move to the trucking industry. With a limited perspective of global logistics from only the ocean freight point of view, she found the program extremely beneficial.

Sherry has been a member of the Los Angeles Transportation Club since 1996, a Director since 1997, and served as President of the organization in 2003.

Pam Reinoehl - Executive VP of the Western Region

Pam Reinoehl
Executive Vice President of the Western Region

Congratulations to Pam Reinoehl on her promotion to Executive Vice President of the Western Region. This area spans Southern California to Washington and includes the following services: Port Drayage & Intermodal, Regional Truckload Drayage, Biosolids & Aggregate Transport, Warehousing, and Brokerage.

Pam has been working with TTSI since 2012 and has over 37 years of transportation industry experience. Her background includes Trucking/Transportation, Intermodal, Marine Terminal operations (gate, yard, rail), Logistics, and Equipment.

Pam shows up every day intending to impact the company positively. She has a can-do attitude, an eye for opportunity, and a strong focus on customer service, team building, and relationships.

She is a proven leader, driven towards excellence, and a self-proclaimed “workaholic.”

Pam is also an accomplished athlete - a 6-time All American in Softball, inducted into the CAL Berkeley Athletic Hall of Fame in October 2010, held almost every batting record for 10+ years, and still retains some today.

Pam is happily married with very proud of her twin boys.

We hope you've enjoyed our spotlight on the terrific team of women working with the TTSI family of companies. These are just the tip of the iceberg, and we look forward to showcasing many more, including our fantastic drivers and support team. Here's to making history!





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