Staying a step ahead and leaving small footprints

At Total Transportation Services (TTSI), we are committed to drastically reducing pollution, protecting future generations, and leaving as small a footprint as possible on our precious environment.

  • 100% Clean Fleet — totally exempt from Port Fees (CA)
  • 1st company to place in service LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) Tractors in the Ports of LA and Long Beach
  • Numerous awards for technology utilization
  • Additional units run on alternative fuels — LNG, CNG, and Hydrogen / Electric
  • World's first Class 8 Hydrogen / Electric tractor

Certified SmartWay Partner with a score of 1.25 (represents outstanding environmental performance).


Total Transportation Services (TTSI) co-created the Coalition for Responsible Transportation (CRT) with NYK Logistics and cargo interests with the goal to address environmental issues, implement innovative solutions that alleviate diesel-related emissions, and promote better business practices in communities surrounding our nation's ports.

Volvo CNG Near-Zero Class 8 Truck

Near-Zero Emissions (NZE)

Our NZE Natural Gas engines use renewable fuels and have the power to get the job done. They are the next step to 100% zero-emissions.

Hydrogen - Kenworth

Zero-Emission (ZE)

Our goal is to operate a 100% ZE fleet that serves both our customers and the environment.


Clean Diesel

Before the new technologies of the Hydrogen / Electric Engine and Liquid Natural Gas Engines, the first step in transforming TTSI to a green fleet were clean diesel trucks. Extremely powerful with significantly less emissions than standard diesel trucks.

From Strategy to Reality - A Timeline for Sustainability

Total Transportation Services (TTSI) journey from the old standard to leading the way to an emission-free future.

We began our sustainability journey in 2007 by pledging to convert it's entire fleet to CAAP (Clean Air Action Plan) provisions. On May 22 2008, we took delivery of the first 8 Clean LNG Trucks, and by July 2011 had purchased 49 LNG Trucks. As an influencer in the transportation community, TTSI helped form the Coalition for Responsible Transportation who included beneficial cargo owners and transportation companies like TTSI. This coalition used TTSI's framework as a starting point to encourage the move to sustainability and more solutions in the future.



9L CNG Electric Hybrid Trucks

TTSI continues their goal to 100% zero-emission fleet by employing CNG and LNG electric hybrid trucks



12L CNG Trucks

Based on the revised 2018 CAAP, TTSI begins to lease/purchase 40 - 60 12L, Low NOx, CNG Trucks for Southern CA Drayage Operation.



CNG, Hybrids, Fuel Cell

Since 2015, TTSI has demonstrated the capabilities of various alternative fuel vehicles such as battery electric, 12L CNG, CNG Hybrid, and fuel cell trucks in the drayage operation.



First in Hydrogen

July 11, 2011, TTSI takes possession of the 1st Class 8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck.



First 49

By July 2011, TTSI had purchased 49 LNG Trucks.



Clean Diesel

By January 2008, TTSI leased and purchased 106 clean diesel trucks. May 22, 2008, TTSI takes delivery of the first 8 Clean LNG Trucks.



Dirty Trucks

Prior to the implementation of the CAAP, trucks that transported containers in and out of the port complex were much older trucks with little to no emission standards.

The Latest in Sustainability News


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About Us

Total Transportation Services (TTSI) is an innovative, asset-based logistics provider driven by Sustainability, Safety, and California Compliance. We are committed to providing Quality in Everything We Do.

TTSI is supported by a Dedicated Leadership Team with Deep Industry Experience, Strong Partnerships, and backed by Numerous Awards.


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