Hydrogen Fuel Cell & Battery Electric Trucks

Our goal is to operate a zero-emission fleet that services our customers while being a steward to the environment. We're testing every zero-emission class 8 tractor on the market, and have identified the precise needs of our operations down to the last mile and turn-around minute.

Benefits over diesel and natural gas

  • More economical operating cost per mile
  • ZERO Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • No noise pollution
  • No idling
  • Substantial increase of torque
  • A domestic and secure energy source
  • Renewable and non-depleting
  • Can be made from a wide variety of resources
  • Hydrogen fueling at several locations in Southern CA available
  • State and Federal Support Available

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen - Kenworth

What's good for the environment is good for business. From improved fuel cost to operational needs, hydrogen fuels are the future of transportation.

Battery Electric

Transpower Battery Electric Zero-Emission Tractor

Total Transportation Services is currently testing battery-electric trucks. These trucks may be able to charge as easily as parking over an induction unit.

We see the greatest potential for these engines are in ultra-powerful hybrid trucks.

The Hydrogen Solution

We've Crunched the Numbers

What's good for the environment is good for business. From improved fuel cost to operational needs, hydrogen fuels are the future of transportation.

Drayage Operations

Hydrogen provides a dependable Class 8 Truck that can support our operation 20 Hours per day, 6 days per week. Hydrogen has the power to move loads efficiently from high grades to heavy containers.

Easy Fueling

We use port-located hydrogen fueling stations and on-site self-contained hydrogen fueling stations.  Conveniently located these meet the needs of our fleet operation.


Toyota/Paccar KW T680

2021 Zero-Emission Fuel Cell Electric Class 8 HD 'Ocean' Truck.

  • Range: 300 Miles
  • Fuel Capacity: 60kg H2 Tank
  • Horsepower: 560 (420 kW)
  • 15 min Refuellng Time
Hydrogen - Transpower


2017-2019 Transpower 1st, 2nd & 3rd Generation Hydrogen Feul Cell Trucks.

  • Range: 150 Miles
  • Fuel Capacity: 20kg
  • Horsepower: 442
  • 220kWh Battery
Hydrogen - US Hybrid

US Hybrid

2017-2020 US Hybrid 1st & 2nd Generation Hydrogen Feul Cell Trucks.

  • Range: 200 Miles
  • Fuel Capacity: 25kg
  • Horsepower: 429
  • 80kWh Fuel Cell
Hydrogen - Kenworth


2017-2020 US Hybrid 1st Generation Hydrogen Feul Cell Trucks.

  • Range: 130 Miles
  • Fuel Capacity: 25kg
  • Horsepower: 560
  • 100kWh

How Hydrogen Works

The hydrogen fuel cell directly converts the chemical energy in hydrogen to electricity, with pure water and potentially useful heat as the only byproducts. Hydrogen-powered fuel cells are not only pollution-free but also can have more than two times the efficiency of traditional combustion technologies.

  • An electrochemical engine that converts hydrogen fuel and oxygen into electrical energy
  • Twice as efficient as gasoline internal combustion engine
  • A battery that runs on hydrogen fuel
  • No emissions (exhaust = H2O)
  • The endgame for the transportation industry

Hydrogen Engine Diagram

Battery Electric




Transpower Battery Electric Zero-Emission Tractor

US Hybrid

US Hybrid Battery Electric Zero-Emission Tractor


Byd Battery Electric Zero-Emission Tractor

Drive Cycle

Vehicle Speed Against Time (How we use the trucks)

  • Goal: to get as many dray moves/turns in an 8 Hour Shift

  • Power to move loads efficiently

  • Grade

  • Container Weight

Duty Cycle

How much we will use the vehicles

  • Dependability

  • Fueling infrastructure availability

  • Distance - how far can I operate from fuel source

  • Number of trips performed before fueling required

Weekly Operation

Ports of LA & LB

  • 4 - Day of two 10 Hour Shifts (Monday through Thursday)

  • 2 - Days of one 8 -10 Hours Shift (Friday and Saturday)

Operational Needs

  • Class 8 Zero Emission Trucks

  • Truck must operate 8 to 9 hours per shift

  • Power to transport 36 to 39K loads

  • Able to travel 6% Grade at minimal 30 to 35 MPH

  • Minimal charging time (2 to 3 hours max)

  • Available infrastructure for charging

  • Truck Repair (Parts & knowledge)

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