Historic Clean Air Pledge to Replace 100% of TTSI's Diesel Fleet with Near-Zero Emission (NZE) Trucks

During the Clean Air Week kickoff press conference today, Total Transportation Services (TTSI) announced we are replacing our entire diesel trucking fleet with near-zero emission (NZE) natural gas trucks. These trucks will be fueled with carbon negative renewable natural gas. We are also testing a number of Zero-Emission (ZE) Trucks and solutions.

Carbon negative means that our trucks reduce their carbon footprint to less than neutral, having a net effect of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere rather than adding it.

The announcement was made in conjunction with the non-profit Coalition for Clean Air (CCA) to raise awareness of the importance of natural and renewable gas trucking to help improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Los Angeles region, especially at the L.A. and Long Beach ports.

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas), along with environmental health non-profit BREATHE LA, fueling company Clean Energy, engine manufacturer Cummins Westport, and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) participated in today’s announcement. Twenty-five percent of TTSI’s investment in the new natural gas trucks was funded through CARB’s California Climate Investments initiative, a statewide program that puts billions of cap-and-trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy and improving public health and the environment—particularly in disadvantaged communities.

In any given month, 13,000 to 14,000 trucks call at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, emitting roughly 2,600 tons per year of smog-causing nitrogen-oxide emissions. TTSI’s 40 new near-zero emission (NZE) heavy-duty compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks reduce this type of emissions by 90 percent in comparison with their diesel counterparts. In addition, when fueled with renewable natural gas the trucks will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80 percent.

TTSI’s analysis and testing of the Cummins Westport trucks found they met the company’s busy drayage operation needs. The trucks will be operated by TTSI’s Heavy Load Transfer, LLC division (Port Drayage). Learn more about our Sustainability Program.

CNG trucks

Vic La Rosa, President & CEO TTSI

“If every one of the 14,000 trucks that call at these ports were changed to natural gas, it would have a major impact on air quality in the region,” said Vic LaRosa, President & CEO of TTSI. “We hope other haulers will follow our lead and make the switch as well.”

Watch Vic La Rosa, President of TTSI, opening remarks and speech.

Dr. Joseph Lyou, President & CEO of Coalition for Clean Air

“Southern California needs to reduce its smog-forming emissions by 45 percent before 2023 to meet Federal standards,” said Dr. Joseph Lyou, President & CEO of Coalition for Clean Air. “Replacing diesel engines with near-zero emission trucks would take us a long way toward meeting Environmental Protection Agency rules and avoiding the loss of federal highway funding.”

Watch Dr. Joseph K. Lyou discuss air quality

Michelle Buffington, California Air Resources Board

“TTSI’s commitment to switch their fleet to 100% clean natural gas, battery-electric, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles help bring advanced technologies to market scale deployment–technologies that are needed to meet our State air quality goals,” said Michelle Buffington of the California Air Resources Board. “We applaud TTSI for their commitment to clean air and public health.”

Michelle Buffington discusses how TTSI and CARB will improve public health and reduce carbon.

Yuri Freedman, Senior Director of Business Development at SoCalGas

“SoCalGas has been promoting the switch to natural gas heavy-duty trucks for years and has helped truckers and trucking companies replace at least 550 diesel trucks with clean natural gas trucks,” said Yuri Freedman, senior director of business development at SoCalGas. “That equates to taking about 30,000 cars off of California’s roads.”

Yuri Freedman discusses decarbonization at Total Transportation Services (TTSI)

Greg Roche, Vice President Clean Energy

“Clean Energy is proud to continue our partnership with TTSI in deploying this fleet of 40 CNG trucks, a journey that started 12 years ago,” said Greg Roche, vice president at Clean Energy. “The renewable natural gas used by these trucks will immediately and affordably drive down greenhouse gas emissions better than any other option available to trucking.”

Greg Roche Congratulates TTSI, and the importance of switching off diesel fuels

Marc Carrel, CEO & President BREATHE LA

“TTSI is helping lead the way towards cleaner air quality at the Ports,” said Marc Carrel, CEO and president at BREATHE California of Los Angeles County (BREATHE LA). “We applaud their commitment and hope to see other local trucking companies follow TTSI’s model by getting rid of their diesel fleets as well.”

Marc Carrel discusses the severe health impacts of diesel toxins in the ports areas at TTSI.

Tom Swenson, Business Development Manager at Cummins Westport

“Cummins Westport is proud to support a near-zero emissions strategy for our customers and industry,” said Tom Swenson, business development manager at Cummins Westport. “Our product line offers trucking businesses the benefits of performance and reliability at ultra-low emissions levels.”

Tom Swenson discusses the merits of Near-Zero Emissions trucks at TTSI.

Short Term Goal: Health

Communities: Improving air quality is the immediate result of deploying these trucks in an effort to keep our communities healthy and thriving.

Drivers: Keeping our drivers healthier by dramatically reducing their exposure to toxic diesel chemicals. Additionally, the ultra-quiet engines reduce hearing damage from noisy diesel engines.

Near Term Goal: Jobs

The Environmental Protection Agency set a deadline to dramatically cut LA/Long Beach Port Emissions by 2023, and without compliance stands to have serious consequences for the Port, our jobs, and the California economy.

TTSI's efforts to reduce their own emissions and to inspire businesses around them to adopt these same measures are paramount to meeting this very important deadline.

Mid-Range Goal: Change the World

As the 9th largest port in the world, we hope to provide a working and affordable solution to be adopted by other ports around the globe. TTSI is showing that if one of the leading Los Angeles and Long Beach Port drayage companies, others can too!

Long Term Goal: Save the World

United global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions will offset the human element of climate change, and sustain a better world for our children's children and beyond.

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