Open Letter to Beneficial Cargo Owners

An Open Letter To Beneficial Cargo Owners:

Recently, Congress and others have focused their attention on whether BCOs might be held accountable for wage claims against their trucking partners. As a result, several large BCOs are now conducting "compliance audits" of their supply chain partners, including their drayage carriers, in the wake of national news stories and Congressional inquiries regarding alleged widespread abuse.

We think that's prudent.

TTSI is a leading drayage company headquartered in Southern California and has been at the forefront of reform for years. We believe it is the obligation of the vendor to insure regulatory compliance and to protect our customers from the thousands of litigants that have or may file claims.

So today we are announcing that we will indemnify our customers against any wage claims that may be brought against them as a result of our services.

We want you to know that TTSI is ahead of the curve. We are California compliant and WE GUARANTEE IT!

Since 2015 we have been restructuring our hiring, compensation and dispatch models to ensure compliance with Federal and State regulations. As a result, our entire operation is streamlined. Our driver compensation packages are now looked at as a model for other drayage carriers and logistics companies to follow. We have retained counsel to conduct an independent audit of our practices. We have been working closely with local elected officials, industry stakeholders and our labor partners to address these issues. But in the meantime commerce must flow unfettered, and BCOs must be able to operate free of uncertainty. We hope others will follow our lead.

We invite you to call us for details and hope that this unprecedented guarantee provides comfort to our customers who are struggling with this issue.

We also encourage you to visit us at for additional information.

Sincerely,Jonathan Rosenthal
Chairman of the Board, TTSI



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