NZE Trucks are Ready for Port of Long Beach operations.

Near Zero Emission (NZE) natural gas trucks were officially upgraded to the highest Technology Readiness Level -TRL 9 - playing an integral role in the forward strategy of the Long Beach and San Pedro Port's groundbreaking Clean Trucks Program. The program evaluates the readiness of zero-emission (ZE) and NZE drayage truck fuel-technology platforms based on four key parameters: commercial availability, operational feasibility, infrastructure availability, and economic workability.

"In our experience, NZE natural gas trucks are the closest direct replacement for diesel trucks in terms of their power and speed. The 600-mile range they provide between refueling, the ability to fast-fuel in about 10 or 15 minutes, and most importantly, their ability to compete on a cost-per-mile basis," said Vic LaRosa, CEO and President of TTSI. "Our fleet has been operating NZE natural gas trucks reliably and cost-effectively for several years and plans to continue our investment based on the proven results and ROI we've achieved."

TTSI's drayage division Heavy Load Transfer and TTSI's short haul division West Group Logistics use NZE trucks in their daily operations.

Overview of the entire program in this article release May28, 2020

Long Beach Port Electrification Program

Port of Long Beach electrification

SSA terminals, with the help of Southern California Edison, commenced the Long Beach Port electrification program in 2018 to transition from diesel and fossil fuels to hydrogen, ultra-low emission renewable natural gas, and electric-powered cargo handling equipment.

Total Transportation Services (TTSI) is participating in the project with our 9 liter near-zero hybrid trucks. The project tests 25 zero-emission vehicles, 4 of which include TTSI's, over one year to see their performance in a real-world setting. This switch is expected to save over 270 thousand gallons of diesel fuel in one year alone. The project's benchmark is coming up November 19th, 2019, and Total Transportation Services (TTSI) looks forward to seeing an expansion of the project.

The Port of Long Beach is the only port in the country that has a demonstration project of this magnitude. It is made possible with a 9.7 million dollar grant from the California Energy Commission.

The switch to a zero-emission port is crucial for the health of the community and the environment. Our near-zero-emission trucks are a vital stepping stone to this goal. TTSI is long-time partners with the Port of Long Beach, working to create a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable port.

Vehicles that are part of this demonstration include:

  • Rubber tyred gantry crane (RTG crane)
  • Yard handling equipment
  • Trucks that come into the port - including TTSI's NZE trucks (4)
The equipment, scope, and goals on the Port of Long Beach's move towards Zero-Emission.

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