Clean Diesel - The first step to sustainability

Before Zero Emission (ZE) and Near-Zero-Emission (NZE) Engine technology, the first steps to creating a green fleet were clean diesel trucks. Today, they serve as a model of the "next-step" for Ports around the world that still run on old, dirty trucks.

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Before clean diesel, there were old trucks with no emissions standards at all. Clean diesel trucks are extremely powerful with significantly fewer emissions than standard diesel trucks. The greatly improved emissions began clearing the air and opening doors for new, sustainable technologies.

The Path to Sustainability


In 2008 Total Transportation Services (TTSI) purchased and leased 108 clean diesel trucks, leading the way to transform its entire fleet to sustainable technology.

Zero and Near-Zero Emission Truck Technologies

TTSI beta tests for major truck manufacturers, using several different technologies, including Electric, Hydrogen, Fuel-Cell/Hybrids, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), and Liquefied-Natural Gas (LNG). After identifying operational needs and rigorous testing we have implemented many of these technologies into our fleet.

Ultra-Low Emission Technology

Cummins Westport LNG Trucks

Total Transportation Services (TTSI) tests every near-zero-emission class 8 tractor available and have identified the precise needs of our operations down to the last mile to the last turn-around minute. LNG Near-Zero-Emission (NZE) trucks meet these and take us a giant leap toward our commitment to a 100% NZE & ZE Fleet by 2020.

Zero Emission Technology

HLT Sustainable Truck

Our goal is to operate a zero-emission fleet that services our customers while being a steward to the environment. We test every zero-emission class 8 tractor on the market, including hydrogen fuel cells and battery electric, and have identified the precise needs of our operations down to the last mile and turn-around minute.

Green Truck News


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