Total Transportation Services (TTSI) is serious about safety - from using the latest in safety technology to continually training our drivers - and hope to have a little fun for our drivers along the way, especially at our safety meetings.

Quarterly Safety Meetings

These meetings discuss the latest trends in safety, including seasonal changes and new technologies. We support our drivers' safety goals every day, in every way we can, as a team. We are proud that the majority of our drivers receive their safety incentives (gift cards) at these meetings. We recognize drivers for:

  • No preventable collisions
  • No work-related injuries
  • Fewest events recorded via safety technologies
  • Attending the safety meeting
  • Complete quarterly online safety training
  • Drivers who go above and beyond or set example


We do anything we can technology-wise to improve the health and safety of our drivers and use the following systems:

Case study: Drivers show exemplary action and are role models of stewardship.

A TTSI driver had an issue with his fuel tank leaking at a client's site. Two of our other drivers happened to be passing by and noticed their fellow driver's issue. They stopped and immediately took steps to help out,  ensuring our client did not have fuel spilled at their site.

Safety-minded alertness, repsect for our customer's equipment and property, and a great sense of teamwork is what makes our drivers exceptional.