Full Service Warehousing

Total Transportation Services (TTSI) has custom warehousing solutions for every customer - from the every day to the extraordinary. We combine an array of fulfillment strategies, equipment, and expertise to meet the needs of our customers and the increasing demands of their supply chain complexity.

Experienced personnel

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If you can imagine it, we can do it.

TTSI facilitates your order with efficiency and care from beginning to end with full-service inspection, packaging, labeling, and monitoring. Truck, container, or rail we offer custom, flexible solutions for every customer.



  • Customized Fulfillment Center
  • Short and Long Term Storage
  • Stop-over plan for temporary storage
  • Scheduled collections and distribution
  • Nationwide Capacity
  • Flexible hours of operation
  • Door to door service
  • Competitive Prices
  • On-site security personnel 24 hours/day, seven days/week
  • Digital video surveillance
Transloading and Consolidation


  • Transloading and Consolidation
  • Bulk Transloading
  • Cross-docking
  • Container vanning and devanning
  • Import and Export Cargo
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Reliable handling and storage of regular, oversized, and specialty cargo
  • Vast fleet of transloading equipment
  • Paved & fenced
Packing & Fulfillment

Fulfillment Services

  • Palletizing, labeling, and kitting & bundling
  • Packaging services include filling, labeling, shrink-wrap & blister pack
  • Subassembly, order splitting, and consolidation
  • De-consolidation, re-labeling, and shipping via small package carrier
  • Small Parcel Management
  • Inventory relieved (real-time) when staged for pick up
  • Rework (basic and production-level)
  • Crating, blocking and bracing available

Transloading & Container Freight Station (CFS)

We manage all the consolidating / de-consolidating and staging of freight at our locations between transportation legs. Our specialized equipment and trained personnel can transload almost anything, whether it is bulk, bagged, united, loose, or other.

  • Cross-docking of pallets, totes, or floor loaded products
  • Equipment to load up to 100,000 pounds
  • Frac sand or other toted product is effortlessly transloaded
  • Large Capacity forklifts
  • Load and lash experts
  • Specializing in out of width, and out of gage equipment handling
  • Load all types of equipment for export
  • Overweight and oversize, no problem
  • High-end loading experience

State-of-the-Art Warehouse Technology

Total Transportation Services (TTSI) dedicated warehouse employees pick-and-pack, palletize, and cross-dock using RFID technology. Our electronic processing results in 99% inventory accuracy, flexibility, and superior process flow. Orders ship within hours, with a promised 98% same-day turnaround.

State-of-the art warehousing technology
  • Internet data exchange and EDI
  • Minimized lead time - 98% same-day turnaround
  • Four (4) hours minimal to prep/ship orders
  • Increase accuracy – 99% inventory accuracy
  • 10,000-25,000 customer shipments per month
  • Direct order processing
  • Virtual warehouse with real-time visibility
  • UCC 128 barcode labeling

Bulk Material Handling & Equipment

Total Transportation Services (TTSI) can transload almost anything - whether bulk, united, loose, or other. We are a full-service facility from pickup to drop off - providing flatbed services for job site deliveries.

TTSI specialty equipment can handle all manner of bulk items including loading and unloading bulk hopper cars, tanker cars, bulk trucks, containers, totes, and bags.

Building materials specialists

Bulk Items

  • Liquid Bulk
  • Agricultural and Food Grade Products
  • Refrigerated Products
  • Aggregates and Building Materials
  • Lumber, Steel, and More!

Bulk Transloading Specialty Equipment

  • Bulk Conveyors
  • Specialized belt conveys nearly anything from hopper cars to export containers
  • Bagging lines
  • Bulk & Portable Augers
  • Pumps
  • Vibrators
  • Dust containment and more!
Bulk material handling

Bulk Material Handling

  • Import product transloaded to bulk rail cars
  • Unload hopper cars and load export containers
  • Crushed stone and aggregates to/from hopper and gondola rail cars
  • Bulk totes for hopper cars
  • Specialized belt conveys nearly anything from hopper cars to export containers
  • Liquid bulk
  • Bulk to small packages

Specialty Warehousing & Transloading

If you can imagine it, we can do it.

Total Transportation Services (TTSI) prides ourselves on taking on all manner of items, including materials that are out of the ordinary. Our specialized equipment, highly trained personnel and experience create solutions for customers that have unique shipping challenges.

TTSI can transload almost anything - whether bulk, united, loose, or other. We are a full-service facility from pickup to drop off - providing flatbed services for job site deliveries.

Door-to-door service

Coordination of Speciality Cargo

  • Experts in loading and lashing flat racks - get it right the first time!
  • Highly experienced in out-of-the-norm transloading
  • High-end car loading specialists
  • Equipment for export loading experts
  • Out of width / out of gauge specialists
  • Flatbed services for job site deliveries

Lumber Transloading

  • Large Capacity Lumber Transloading
  • Lumber cars loaded and unloaded
  • Configuration Planning for Lumber Export
Refrigerated transloading

Refrigerated Transloading

  • Date Sorting of Refrigerated products
  • Ample capacity on both the UP and BN railroad to handle inbound refrigerated or boxcars
Overweight & oversized specialists

Overweight & Oversize Specialists

  • Equipment and Expertise to handle large picks
  • Heavy and large freight experts
  • Specialists in rigging and crating
  • Specialized lashing for rack or containers
  • Large Capacity forklifts