TTSI Leadership - Staying A Step Ahead

Backed by deep industry experience and capability, the Total Transportation Services (TTSI) leadership team strives to provide excellence - from customer service and safety to environmental stewardship, and driver advocacy. Explore accomplishments, news, and videos of each of our leadership team by clicking on their photos or the read more link.

As always, our commitment to diversity and inclusion embraces age, gender, experience, identity, race, religion, and sexual orientation. These are the guiding principles that drive us forward every day.

Executive Leadership
Vic La Rosa - President, CEO and Founder of TTSI

Vic LaRosa

Chief Executive Officer, President & Co-founder TTSI

Vic LaRosa is an innovative and solutions-focused Senior Executive with the ability to employ the right people and empower them to succeed.

Bill Allen - COO

Bill Allen

EVP/Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder

Bill collaborates, develops and implement plans for the operational infrastructure of systems, processes, and personnel for rapid growth.

Tom Franklin, CPA - CFO

Tom Franklin, CPA

Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

Mr. Franklin oversees all financial functions of TTSI including general accounting, financial analysis, and human resources.

Said Al-Alaoui - Head of Corporate Development

Said Al-Alaoui

Head of Corporate Development

Specializing in corporate finance, capital raising, M&A, leveraged buyout and financial/operational restructuring.

Corporate Leadership
Scott Freeborn - Senior Vice President - Corporate

Scott Freeborn

Senior Vice President

Part of the executive team, Scott oversees and coordinates operations, sales/marketing, and safety of the TTSI group of companies.

Pam Reinoehl - Vice President Drayage Operations and Sales

Pam Reinoehl

Vice President of Intermodal Operations

Specializing in national drayage operations and strategic short and long term planning while supporting executive management.

James Eakins - Director of Information Technology

James Eakins

Director of Information Technology

Securing the supply chain for over 20 years. From nationwide network design to app development and deployment, James Eakins is a security-focused and NIST compliant officer.

Tony Williamson, GLS - Director, Compliance & Safety

Tony A. Williamson, GLS

Director of Compliance & Sustainability

A Global Logistics and Marketing specialist, Tony brings his considerable experience to all aspects of operations from sales and safety to compliance and sustainability.


Ron Zullo

Director of Safety

Ron brings his experience of Transportation, Logistics, Safety, and Training to the Safety Department spanning a career of over 35 years.

Director of Operations & Change Management

Kelly Lewis

Director of Operations & Change Management

For over 34 years, Kelly's genuine passion for TTSI and the people in it have advanced her great depth of skills and expertise in all areas of operations.

Rosie Gomez - Human Resources

Rosie Gomez

Director of Human Resources

With over 27 years of human resources management, Rosie promotes successful and innovative HR efforts. She is an insightful and creative problem solver with a genuine passion for people.


Brian Everhart

Senior Vice President of Sales

Brian brings nearly 40 years of strategic vision, market, prospect, and customer insight. He is passionate about customer service from local to nationwide operations.

Sherry Hertel - VP of Intermodal Sales

Sherry Hertel

Vice President of Intermodal Sales

Sherry's in-depth industry knowledge spans ship, drayage, intermodal, and truckload transportation from the international to the local level.

Richard Eichler, Business Development Support Manager

Richard Eichler

Manager of Business Development / Support

Bringing over 44 years of business and logistics experience including temperature-controlled transport fields and contracts and pricing. He holds a Customs Broker License.

Rochelle Mann - Operations Manager, Stockton

Rochelle Mann

General Manager of Intermodal Drayage - Stockton, CA

Rochelle has over 22 years of industry experience providing customers with excellence in service, quality and performance; as well as overseeing day-to-day operations.

Rick Betourne - Terminal Manager, East Group Logistics

Rick Betourne

General Manager of Intermodal Drayage - East Group Logistics

25 years of experience in all aspects of logistics including intermodal, drayage, short haul, facilities management, warehousing, specialty transportation, and business development.

Tri Pak

Margaret Sonnen

Regional Manager for Tri Pak

With over 30 years in the transportation industry, Margaret oversees and coordinates warehouse and drayage operations, sales, and administrative office staff. She specializes in strategic planning and team collaboration.


Joel Boyd

Director of Operations – Tri Pak Services, Drayage & TTSI Brokerage

Joel is a recognized leader in the transportation industry for over 30 years. He is goal-driven, results-oriented, and dedicated to leading cross-functional teams to meet and exceed objectives.


Tony Pugh

Warehouse Operations & Sales Manager - Tri Pak

Tony has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of transportation, warehousing, and logistics.

Vision Logistics

Robert Dowling

President of Vision Logistics

For over 25 years, Robert has experience in all aspects of transportation. He specializes in the intermodal industry, focusing on sales, account retention, operations, safety, and maintenance.

Tim McGrath - Vice President of Vision Logistics

Tim McGrath

Vice President of Vision Logistics

Tim’s career spans thirty years in transportation and logistics and specializes in overseeing and coordinating day-to-day operations and strategic planning for Vision Logistics.