Federal Maritime Commission Recognition

A Letter from the Federal Maritime Commissioner Chairman Richard A Lidinsky, Jr recognizes TTSI as a sustainable partner that furthers the "administration's goals of creating clean-energy jobs and bringing a more sustainable approach to the maritime industry." Below is a reprint of the letter in full.

"Dear Vic:

"It was a pleasure for me and my staff to meet with you and your colleagues at Southern Counties Express and Port Logistics Group regarding the innovative approaches that Total Transportation Services ("TTSI") is pursuing with the goal of a zero-emission (ZE) and near-zero emission (NZE) truck fleet. I have been impressed with TTSI's proven environmental record and incorporation of new fuel platforms into your heavy-duty truck fleet, which I understand you have accomplished while maintaining a strong financial position.

"As Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission, one of my top priorities is helping advance the Obama Administration's goals of creating clean-energy jobs and bringing a more sustainable approach to the maritime industry. Drayage trucking at our busiest ports and terminals is a key focus in this effort. As we discussed, the goods-movement industry in Southern California remains a non-attainment zone as defined by the Federal EPA. To address this challenge, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach enacted both a "Clean Air Action Plan" and a "Clean Trucks Program" nearly four years ago. The Plan and Program mandated that trucking firms switch their fleets from older, primarily diesel-powered trucks to cleaner-burning fuels.

"Given the importance of improving air quality in and around Southern California ports, I was encouraged to hear how, far in excess of the required mandates, TTSI, concentrated its investments on liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks, which either meet or exceed the Ports' environmental standards. I echo those Ports in saluting your investment, which has given TTSI a leadership position among logistics firms in terms of environmental stewardship. Due in large part to the financial commitments of trucking companies like TTSI, both NOx and SOx emissions (as well as diesel particulate matter) emanating from drayage trucks in the Southern California basin have been reduced by nearly 85%.

"I was also impressed to learn that TTSI is continuing its commitment by becoming the first company to place into drayage operations a zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell Class 8 Truck, and by issuing a "Letter or Intent" to Vision Motors (the domestic manufacturer of the Class 8 Hydrogen-Fuel Cell truck called "Tyrano") for the exclusive right to the first 100 such trucks, with an option for up to 300 additional trucks to be deployed into service throughout the Southern California region and beyond.

"I applaud pioneers leaders like TTSI, who have demonstrated a financial and operational commitment to making new, cleaner technologies work in and around our nation's ports — the most important working environments for air quality and other energy-related efficiencies. Both I and members of the Commission's Maritime Environmental Committee look forward to working with you as you move to expand your groundbreaking role in deploying innovative zero and near-zero emission trucks for cleaner air in and around our nation's ports.

Richard A. Lidinsky, Jr.





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