TTSI switches driver model from contract to employee-based


TTSI switches driver model from contract to employee-based

The Daily Breeze highlights Total Transportation Services (TTSI) in this article about the evolution for big rig drivers in California.

TTSI's employee driver model provides a great alternative to the traditional 9-5 office job, and includes paid training, benefits, and a great way to keep families together while still being in the transportation industry. By providing the training ourselves, and on-going safety meetings, we work together with our drivers to provide excellent and safe service.

---- The following is an excerpt from the article ----

"Victor La Rosa, who has been in the business for decades, has gone back in time. He’s switched his Rancho Dominguez-based business [currently headquartered in Long Beach, CA 1-15-2024], Total Transportation Services from a contracting model to an employee-based format.

"After watching the legal challenges to trucking companies mount, La Rosa decided his company couldn’t afford to risk the liability. “We are now seeing a much higher retention rate and we are seeing that it’s much safer,” he said.

"La Rosa offers paid training, company-owned trucks at no charge to drivers and worker benefits.

Ruth Erazo and her husband, Steve, recently began working for La Rosa, pulling short hauls with the hope they can work their way up to higher-paying positions.

"A former office manager with a Bachelor of Science degree, Ruth sees steady work and good pay, despite an industry in full flux and the specter of automation on the horizon.

" 'People are looking for drivers,” she said. “If you can get in there, you are automatically making a decent amount of money.' " 

Read the full article at the Daily Breeze online

View driver Ruth's video about the driver training program

Recent trainee Ruth Erazo is interviewed about the driver training program in this video. Total Transportation Services' division HLT runs the driver training program .



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