From Strategy to Reality


At TTSI we are committed to leaving as small a footprint as possible on our precious environment. That's why we are committed to several ecological goals designed to drastically reduce our operational emissions and subsequent environmental pollution.


Certified SmartWay Partner with a score of 1.25 (represents outstanding environmental performance).


TTSI co-created the Coalition for Responsible Transportation (CRT) with NYK Logistics and cargo interests with the goal to address environmental issues, implement innovative solutions that alleviate diesel-related emissions, and promote better business practices in communities surrounding our nation's ports.

Clean Fleet Benefits

  • 100% Clean Fleet — totally exempt from Port Fees (CA)
  • 1st company to place in service LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) Tractors in the Ports of LA and Long Beach
  • World's first Class 8 Hydrogen / Electric tractor
  • Numerous awards for technology utilization
  • Additional units run on alternative fuels — LNG, CNG, and Hydrogen / Electric

Total Emissions Reductions

  • 93.1 tons of Nitrogen Oxides annually
  • 465 tons of Nitrogen Oxides over a 5-year project life
  • 8.2 tons of Particulate Matter annually
  • 41.4 tons of Particulate Matter over a 5-year project life
  • Over 4.1 million gallons of Diesel Fuel over a 5-year project life

Near-Zero Emissions

Our Kenworth T800 LNG Trucks are state-of-the-art, featuring Westport Innovation's High-Pressure Direct Injection (HDPI) technology.


Clean Diesel

Before the new technologies of the Hydrogen / Electric Engine and Liquid Natural Gas Engines, the first step in transforming TTSI to a green fleet were clean diesel trucks. Extremely powerful with significantly less emissions than standard diesel trucks.



The revolutionary zero-emissions class 8 tractor / trailer is the first of it's kind, and debuted at the Port of Long Beach.